Lecture Tech Trends by Deloitte

24/10/2016 19h - Hogenheuvelcollege (HOGc 02.28), Naamsestraat 75, Leuven


19u-20.30u: Lecture Tech Trends + Special Guest + Q&A
20.30u-22.30u: Reception


Tim Paridaens is Director in Emerging Solutions and Technology Strategy leading all IoT-related activities in Deloitte Belgium, from go-to-market to project deliver (ideation, strategy, implementation and service design). He has more than 16 years of experience in the consulting business with extensive experience in large scale business process transformation and has specialized IT Strategy, IT organization design & governance and designing multiple levels of PMO/Project management. He has built up industry experience in the private industry including life sciences, consumer business (retail and consumer goods), automotive, telecom & media and banking and public sector both on federal as European level.


Tim will present Deloitte’s view on Exponential Technologies, with a particular focus on the remarkable value proposition of the Internet of Things and Cognitive computing. He will also introduce Flo, our humanoid connection to a cognitive brain, powered by IBM Watson.

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