Women in Tech Buddy Program

31/12/2017 The whole year - All of Belgium

The goal of our Women in Tech Buddy Program is to help female students with an interest in technology in their networking experiences. By connecting students to professionals, who will take the students with them to a networking event, we hope to inspire the next generation leading ladies in technology.


Are you a female student with an interest in technology? Take your first steps towards being a networking hero and join the Women in Tech Buddy program!

Throughout the program, you have the unique opportunity to get free access to exclusive events. Leading ladies in technology will show you that networking can be fun.

The main goal is to have fun while networking during a networking event, assisted by a professional from the industry. You will receive a free ticket for the event and the personal guide of your Buddy, a professional who can teach you all about networking.
What do we expect from you? Write a short blog post for the website after the event describing your experience.

How do I sign up?
Fill in your personal details on the registration form below. Once you have registered, you will regularly get updates on the available spots for the events.

For companies and professionals

Would you like to help us inspire a new generation of leading ladies in technology? Share your experiences and accompany them to a networking event? Register for the AFT ‘Women in Tech’ Buddy Program!

How do I sign up?
If you go to a networking event and you want to take a student with you drop us a line at eb.ne1508685254vuelt1508685254fa@hc1508685254etnin1508685254emow1508685254 we will regularly send you a list with the events we have tickets for.

How does it work?
As soon as a student is interested to join, we will provide you with the student’s details.
You can contact the student to arrange where you will meet on the day of the event. Take the student with you to the event, and introduce her to your own network. Inspire the next generation of women in technology!

After the event we’ll ask the student to write a small blogpost about you, your company and the event.

We hope to welcome you in our buddy program!
If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us on eb.ne1508685254vuelt1508685254fa@hc1508685254etnin1508685254emow1508685254

Participating Buddies & Companies

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