Agile development, lean development, the scrum framework…business and even legal challenges which all of us should be aware of.

Maybe you’ve already heard of these concepts which are widely used in the software industry. But what do they mean, and how can they help you to manage your projects better and write software more efficiently? Find out at this workshop in partnership with Solita, a consulting firm.

Why attend?

1) Learn practical approaches for project management & software development
2) Discover the concepts behind agile and lean development & the scrum framework
3) Participate in hands-on interactive games via Miro
4) Take part in the quiz at the end, where you can win one of the Fnac gift cards.

For who?

For anyone interested in efficient project management & software development.

When and where?

Monday 30/11 at 19h.

Online, by joining via the link you will receive in your email inbox.

Thanks to our partner: