The Future is getting closer, and it is coming in self-driving vehicles!  

Autonomous mobility is a technology that is just getting started to make its way into the world and has already left an impressive mark of wonder and fascination. With it come all sorts of technological, business and even legal challenges which all of us should be aware of.

Why attend?

1) Learn more about the technology itself and its implications.

2) Get to know about implementation cases in Belgium by the companies such as Ush.

3) Explore new and exciting business models for such companies.

4) Be faced with challenges you have to solve and a final and rewarding quiz at the end. 😉

For who?

Anyone with a fascination for technology and the future world of logistics and mobility. As well as people looking to set up or joining companies who are working in these areas.

What do you need?

Interest, motivation and a laptop can come in handy.

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