Innovation Night

21/03/2018 7pm - 11pm - Groep T

Innovation is all about switching to new ways of successful thinking in a constantly evolving world. New entrepreneurs are standing up to the challenge every day to improve life for everyone around us.
Innovation Night is about bringing the pioneers of this movement, our students, together to talk about, learn and experience different kinds of present-day advanced innovations, and how these affect people’s lives.

18.30 Deuren open
19.00 Eerste spreker: Nicolas Roosens – Head of Innovation @ Vincotte
19.30 Pauze & demobeurs
19.45 Tweede spreker: Alexander Laquire – Innovation & Digitalisation @ Willemen Group NV
20.15 Pauze & demobeurs
20.30 Derde spreker: Johan Loeckx – Lab Manager @ Artificial Intelligence Lab Brussels
21.00 Pauze & demobeurs
21.15 Vierde spreker: Wim Soens- @EY (Ernst & Young)
21.45 Demobeurs en networking reception

See you 21st of March, @GroepT!