Student Startup Trip

05/04/2018 - 13/04/2018 - Silicon Valley, United States of America

The student startup trip is one of AFT’s most ambitious and high profile events. It has two main goals. First we aim to bring young entrepreneurs together in an open and inspirational environment. This allows them to meet like-minded people and to start building a professional network. Secondly we offer students the chance to learn what it means to be an entrepreneur and to lead a startup to success. These lessons will help them become better entrepreneurs later on.

We do this by selecting 30-40 high potential student (and recent graduate) entrepreneurs and travel with them to an interesting city. There we organise visits in cooperation with local technology startups. We aim to select startups in all different stages, such that the students get a better idea of the lifecycle companies go through while scaling-up.


How is it possible it only costs €599 ?
The total cost of the trip is much higher but because we work together with partners and sponsors, students only have to pay €599. Great deal right!

What is included in the price of €599 ?
We take care of the flight (luggage up to 23kg), the accommodation, company visits, airport transfer and local transportation. Be sure to budget meals, touristic attractions and leisure activities.

When will I know if I’m selected for the trip ?
Expect to be getting an email in mid-January.

Current Partners


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New York 2017

We visited the following companies:
– Microsoft Reactor
– Microsoft
– Stack Overflow
– BelCham
– LiveStream
– WeWork
– Movable Ink
– Cornell Tech
– Flanders Investment & Trade
– Collibra
– SevenRooms
– Blueprint Health

Stockholm 2016

We visited the following companies:
– Spotify
– Trustly
– SEB Venture Capital
– Timesulin
– ShipWallet
– Detectify
– FrogLeap
– SU Inkubator
– Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship
– Young&Skilled

Definitely read the article from Datanews (Dutch).

Berlin 2015

We visited the following companies:
– RocketInternet
– 6Wunderkinder
– Fyber
– Relayr
– PlugSurfing
– Basslet
– Hub:raum
– Betahaus
– Offtime
– Startupbootcamp

Definitely read the article from Datanews (Dutch).

London 2014

We visited the following companies:
Google Campus London 
Amazon Development Centre London
Rainmaking Loft
OTA Insight
Bright North

Definitely read the article from Datanews (Dutch).

Previous Partners







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