April 2021

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Here we revealed visits and discussed practicals for the Student Startup Trip 2021. Have a look! 

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In 2021 the Student Startup Trip will be headed for Belgium!  

What is the Student Startup Trip?

The Student Startup Trip brings together a group of ambitious students with an entrepreneurial mindset. We want to inspire these students, broaden their horizon and give them a unique experience. 
On the trip we aim to visit startups, investors, incubators, top-entrepreneurs, multinationals and other interesting organizations. This way, we give a complete overview of what Belgium has to offer for the aspiring individuals on the Student Startup Trip.  

Student Startup Trip 2021

For the first time the trip will take place in three cities. Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp will host the ambitious group of students while they explore the top of what the Belgian startup- and technology-scene has to offer. In each city we will have a basecamp, allowing us to bring the cream of the crop in tech and entrepreneurship to our own venue in a corona-proof manner. 

We believe a Student Startup Trip in Belgium will be extra interesting for participants as they get to know the startup-scene, top-entrepreneurs and companies within their own country. This will undoubtedly be an eye-opener and result in a lot of very exciting opportunities for these students 


This will be an amazing opportunity for aspiring students to meet Belgium’s top entrepreneurs and talk to them about their ventures, successes and failures. 

We will start off in the heart Europe, the true Metropole that is Brussels as we take a dive into the start-ups of one of Europe’s biggest melting pots. 
As we continue to the city described as “the best-kept secret” of Europe: Ghent, Where The flourishing biotech scene may come as a surprise, but saying it’s worth discovering is an understatement.
Rounding off our trip: This city is home to the second biggest harbour in Europe, Antwerp. Next to the harbour, it has a major startup scene.Antwerp houses more than 350 startups, getting to know these entrepreneurs and their companies will be unforgettable.


Can’t wait to join us and explore the Belgian startup scene? This is the timeline for the trip and applications:

  • 24th of November: Opening of the first round of the Applications. Be sure to check our social media channels and the website as the applications will be posted there.
  • 1st of December: Kick-Off , this info-event will be hosted online and you will have plenty of time to ask questions to the organising team.
  • 8th of December: Deadline for the first round of the applications.
  • January 2021: Students selected during the first round of applications will now be contacted to enter the second round. You will be asked to make a short video of yourself answering a question. Don’t worry, this doesn’t take up your precious exam-time.
  • February 2021: The participants for the trip will be announced!
  • April 2021: Student Startup Trip 2021.

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History of the Student Startup Trip

2020 ℹ New York City 2016 Stockholm
2019 ℹ Singapore 2015 Berlin
2018 ℹ San Francisco 2014 London
2017 ℹ New York City


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