We are super excited to be organizing Belgium’s most epic hackathon this year, together with our sponsor Mediagenix. Are you interested to innovate, co-create and learn? Then our hackathon is something for you! It will take place at the end of March in Leuven, the exact date and place are to be announced. 

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon can best be described as an “invention marathon”. Students who are interested in technology, or the business aspect of it, participate in a hackathon to learn, build and share their ideas in an enthusiastic and welcoming atmosphere. You can bring your ideas to life by programming software, building prototypes and also working out the business side of one of the cases given at the event, all in a team of 4-5 participants. Thus, not everyone in your team needs to know how to code! 

But what with Corona?

But of course, a fully offline version of a hackathon would not be possible in COVID-19 times. No worries though, we have a plan… We have come up with two corona-proof concepts! If the situation allows physical contact, this year’s hackathon will be a “hybrid hackathon”. The teams will be able to work together in a separate room while the opening presentation, workshops, prize ceremony … will be held through a virtual platform. However, if (let’s hope not, but to be prepared) the country goes back in total lockdown, we will be able to shift the hybrid hackathon to a fully virtual hackathon! We will provide the most suited virtual platform and the same amount of help and coaching as during a hybrid hackathon. 

See you there!

Whether or not the hackathon will be fully virtual or a hybrid version, there will be many awesome prizes to win. These will be announced during the months and weeks leading up to the hackathon on the AFT Instagram, so stay tuned…

Be one of the 150-250 students from computer sciences, engineering, business and many more to make your ideas come to life in 24 hours. Best of all, we’ll have nice food and goodies for everyone, all for free!

Thanks to our partner