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Discover the power of conversational agents in an interactive and inspiring AFT-masterclass.

Oswald (part of Cronos Leuven) is a powerful platform for training, building and creating intelligent chatbots. Oswald provides you with the right services and tools to integrate automated chat technology into your online applications while keeping it intelligent and personal. In this masterclass we will guide you through some of the most important features. Furthermore, you get exclusive access to the platform and our experts are ready to answer all of your questions. Are you ready?

What is the goal of the masterclass?

The eventual goal of this workshop is for you to build your own Oswald chatbot in a small team. There are no prerequisites and you don’t need any technical background whatsoever. We will teach you all the concepts and provide you with tips and best practices.

Session 1: What are chatbots?


7 November 19:00

Learn what chatbots can mean for your business. Get inspired by our many use cases and live demos.

Session 2: From concept to a UX-friendly chatbot


14 November 19:00

Discover the world of conversational interfaces and speech assistants with a UX expert from our partner ‘Monkeyshot’.

Session 3: Do it yourself with Oswald


21 November 19:00

It’s time to get your hands dirty… Choose a cool use case and start building your very first chatbot with Oswald.

Session 4: Do it yourself with Oswald


28 November 19:00

Work further on your use case and finish your first chatbot with Oswald.