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During this masterclass you will learn everything you need to know about cloud infrastructure.

We expect that you already have some basic coding experience and a basic knowledge of software engineering. The masterclass consist out of the 5 following workshops:

Workshop 1: Docker & Kubernetes – Whales in the cloud

6 March 2019, 19:00-21:30

During this workshop we start discovering the infrastructure part of a cloud. Starting with the building blocks, like compute and storage, to orchestrating Docker containers through Kubernetes. The latter will form the base for a more detailed infrastructure setup as the base for later middleware setups.  

We will investigate why a docker setup can be the perfect base for a cloud and microservice architecture.

To bring theory in practice, we will use the Oracle cloud-based container service to manage and configure Docker containers.


  • Docker, cloud & microservices: a perfect match
  • Kubernetes, Dockers holy grail?
  • Demo: Managing containers with Oracle Container Pipelines

Workshop 2: Database & REST API’s – Building a backend and breaking it

13 March 2019, 19:00-21:30

During this workshop we start with explaining database and REST API’s and their differences. With free Oracle products, we will expose these fantastic features from the database through REST API’s with JSON content.

Once they are build, let’s find out how to break them. Through the use of JMeter, we will test the robustness of these API’s.

All done on a cloud platform, where you will have access to.


  • What’s a database?
  • What are REST API’s?
  • How to create REST API’s for db artifacts?
  • How to test your REST API’s?

Workshop 3: PCS/VBCS/JET – Front-ends: The quick and pretty approach.

20 March 2019, 19:00-21:30

As developers we want to be able to focus on delivering business value. Learn how Oracle’s cloud technologies can help you to implement most business processes and UIs with virtually no code.

With Process Cloud Service and Visual Builder Cloud Service you can move along quickly with the standard use cases and focus on the issues that really demand your coding skills.


  • Create processes declaratively with Process Cloud Service.
  • Create User Interfaces with Visual Builder Cloud Service.
  • See how you can crack the harder cases with code using Oracle JET.

Workshop 4 ICS + API Platform – Integration on a cloudy day

27 March 2019, 19:00-21:30

This workshop starts with an introduction in Integration solutions & patterns and how these evolved from pure on-prem to a cloud approach. You will learn how vendors like Oracle have adapted their proven ‘old-school’ integration products to the cloud and how they respond to a more API-driven world.

During a demo we will work out a case to integrate an on-prem API with a cloud service leveraging the Oracle API Platform.


  • From Sun to Cloud
  • Integration with Oracle cloud
  • API’s and their gateways
  • Demo: An API driven cloud integration

Workshop 5 Microservices – Size does matter

3 April 2019, 19:00-21:30

Companies like Netflix & Uber build their complete architecture based on microservice principles. Are microservices really the way to go and how do vendors like Oracle adapt their products to it?  What products are available to help you with concerns like service integration, scalability and governance? You will find out in this workshop.

Using Oracle products we will setup a microservice pattern in the cloud.


  • What makes a service micro
  • Architecture & patterns
  • Oracles answer to microservices
  • Demo: Creating an event-driven microservice architecture with Oracle Event Hub.
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