At AFT our goal is to take part in shaping our own future. We try to accomplish this goal in many ways. One of these ways is to bring students into contact with the companies we believe also take part in shaping the future. So by partnering up with AFT you get at least two things:


Connect with high potential students.
We organize both open as well exclusive events for students that go the extra mile for their education. We help these students and our partners in finding the perfect fit.


Get targeted visibility.
Because of our themed events we target specific groups of students. Something that can be very difficult from outside the student life. But don’t worry, we’ll help you do that.

How can you help us in our effort to bring entrepreneurship and technology to students?

At AFT we don’t believe in ready made packages and always search for an approach tailored to our partners. To give you some insights in which ways we can use your help,  you can find our three s’s pillars below. The exact details of these pillars can of course be discussed in a personal meeting.


You can help us financially by sponsoring on of our events or the organisation in general. We have specific themes for all our events to perfectly suit our partners and the visiting students.


Throughout the year we organize events, workshops and masterclasses for students and recent graduates. All these gatherings require interesting speakers who can bring their story and/or workshop both in a comprehensible as well as in an exciting way.


As a organisation consisting of students we kindly search for advice and guidance in legal, accountancy and organisational matters to optimize our structure.

Contact us, so we can get a coffee together.

Our current partners

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