Our partners are recruiting

During these challenging times, we would like to aid students who are looking for an internship or a job. We reached out to our partners. An overview can be found below. We will update this page as new opportunities come along, so make sure to check back regularly.

Cronos Leuven

Cronos Leuven, part of the Cronos Group, is an eco-system with a focus on innovative entrepreneurship.
We focus on bringing Technology, Business and Creativity together in order to come to the most creative & technological best solution for our customers. On top of that our express purpose is helping people grow, if desired, till entrepreneurship itself. Since the start of the group in 1991 as a one-man company, it has been involved in the launch of more than 500 companies and 6000 employees.

The innovative technologies we are working on, to name a few, are: AI, Machine Learning, Chatbots, Blockchain, Edge Computing, e-commerce, Quantum computing, IoT, Prototyping as a service, Robot Process Automation (RPA) and many more. Besides these topics we also focus on other related IT-aspects like Cloud, web, mobile, ERP, CRM Infrastructure, etc…..


MEDIAGENIX is a fast growing Belgian software company with offices in the US and Asia that sells its broadcast management system to the world’s biggest media companies, including Disney, Viacom and the BBC. Even during these difficult times we continued and we keep looking for extra people to join our tribe. So make sure to take a look at our website.


Exellys is a Tech Talent Incubator. We match ambitious companies with the finest tech talent. Our clients are A-players in IT, science and engineering. And they’re looking for motivated colleagues but are at the same time strong believers in stimulating the potential of young talent. Becoming an Exellyst means getting the best career start possible while benefiting from our unique training and coaching programs. So get in touch with us below!


At Spentys we are striving to revolutionize the orthopedic immobilization devices industry by shifting from traditional processes to ones containing 3D scanning, 3D modelling and 3D printing technologies. We are working with the various healthcare providers to achieve this goal. Our mission is to bring the value of mass customization to the orthopedic environment.

Ready to rethink orthopedics? Join a company in the field of software with a strong medical background, good commercial traction and a clear market need for a solution that enables the usage of 3d technologies within orthopedics.


Friendlybuzz Company, a public benefit corporation, is creating the most comprehensive science-backed wellbeing program for older adults. It is leveraging the latest in gerontological understanding and groundbreaking innovative technologies, to provide services with immense social and health benefits to older people. It is creating an innovative social platform accessible from home, with services provided using the traditional telephone, and incorporating AI, Machine Learning, Chat-bots, red alert and reporting systems, and other innovative social and health related technologies.

Our first range of digital products and services will be launched to the public in the winter of 2020. To help alleviate some of the negative impact COVID19 is having on the mental health of older people we rolled out one of our products early – the Friendlybuzz CareCall initiative. It is an online platform that connects older people with volunteers for mutually enriching conversations in an innovative, accessible, and safe manner. A unique matching algorithm creates the most suitable matches on the basis of numerous data points. Calls are fully automated, recorded and easily scalable, helping hundreds of thousands of vulnerable elderly people.

Data Analyst:
Help create data strategy; create data analysis; advise on data usages, and relevance in wider framework and industry.

Marketing & PR:
Help plan and create marketing strategy, content creation and PR campaigns, etc.

Strategy Consulting:
As an intern, you will be able to research elder care, elder technology, and their interaction, and the relevance of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in supporting older adults using strategic models. Furthermore, you will be able to do some market research, data collection, and spot new market strategies, etc.

AI / Machine Learning:
As an intern, you will have the opportunity to research AI possibilities in the healthcare and social industries; Design and implement sophisticated AI products; Design and build AI related engineering IP; Dabble in the building of end to end multi-component analytics solutions on premise or on cloud, including robust data pipelines, etc.

Computer Engineering (Back-End Development):
You will advise and assist our backend developers with the coding and creating of our products and solutions.


Yuki is more than just accountancy.

We believe accounting can be better, should be better. Easier, but also more fun. By providing our partners with the tools to digitally process their manual tasks, so they can focus on the relationship with their entrepreneurs. 

Yuki makes accounting sexy!

But we can also make your future sexy. Yuki is a fast-growing tech company with a lot of ambition. And yes, we really mean A LOT of ambition: We were founded in The Netherlands 🇳🇱 in 2011, where we are now working with +100 colleagues. In 2014 we set foot in Belgium 🇧🇪, and team Yuki Belgium is already with 40 colleagues. In Spain 🇪🇸 our team started working in 2016 and quickly expanded to 40 colleagues.

Working at Yuki will give you a unique once in a lifetime-experience 🚀.

Would you like an introduction at one of these companies?

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