Do you aspire to become our next president, vice president or event manager?

DEADLINE: March 14, 2021, 23:59

AFT is looking for its new leadership team! As president, vice president or event manager, you play a central role in the operations of our organisation. 

As president or vice president, you lead a team of ambitious students, lay the foundations for effective teamwork, outline the strategy for our activities, maintain relations with our partners and other (student) organisations… A diverse role with high responsibility and a high level of involvement. 

As event manager, you play a crucial role in the daily operations of our organisation. Together with your president and vice president, you outline the framework for our activities. You support the event teams in the organisation of our events, and are the central point of coordination between the event teams, finance, marketing, business relations, IT, legal, the vice president and the president. 

External candidates

At AFT we want the best leading team possible, and that is why people outside our organisation are more than welcome to apply for the function of president, vice president or event manager. In the past, quite some teams have been lead by people new to AFT, which has always been a positive experience as it brings fresh eyes, new ideas and a unique style of leadership into the organisation. 

Every new team will be thoroughly brought up to speed by their predecessors, so you’ll get to know the organisation quickly.

Top Skills
  • Innovative
  • Encouraging
  • Strategical
  • Problem solving mindset
  • Strong communication
What to expect
  • Lead the team
  • Carry responsibility
  • High level of involvement
  • Implement strategic plan

You can apply below. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our current president, vice president and event manager. Their contact information can be found on our team page.

Want to apply for another function?

The application for other functions opens later this semester. Register your interest to get notified when the applications open. An overview of all positions can be found on our team page. Feel free to reach out to our current members, our president or our vice president if you have any questions!