What is the goal of this trip?

With the Student Startup Trip, AFT aims to give 35 students the opportunity to discover a startup ecosystem. This way, students are able to get in contact with many interesting persons and businesses, and they can learn more about doing business in a specific area. Students who want to broaden their horizons should definitely apply! 

How much does this trip cost?

Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer the eight-day trip for an affordable price. The exact price will be communicated later. See what’s included in the next question.  

What is included?

  • Transportation before, after and during the trip 
  • Hotels and Accommodations 
  • Visits 

How are you going to handle the current global pandemic?

The trip is built entirely with the pandemic in mind. If the situation in april allows it we are ready to visit companies in a safe manner. If the situation in april doesn’t allow company-visits we bring the companies to our own basecamp in every city for a corona-proof company-explainer and talk. In the worst case we are prepared to stream the trip with professional livestreaming equipment to our participants. In the last case the length of the trip will be reduced. 

What does the planning look like?

The trip will consist of visits to 

  • Startups 
  • Corporates 
  • Co-working spaces 
  • Incubators
  • Entrepreneurs 

    You can find out more information during our info event

    How is the application process designed?

    Your application will consist of 2 rounds. The first round consists of a form with a couple of questions. Based on these questions, we will pick 50 students who will continue to the second round. Here, you will be asked to make a short video. The final selection will be made after this round. 

    Any other questions?

    Feel free to contact us. Our contact details can be found here.