Where can I register?

Registrations are closed as of 24 december 2018.

I did my application, now what?

Short answer: Sit tight!

After sending your application, our team gets to work carefully reviewing every answer.
Once the selections have closed and every application reviewed, an email will notify you whether you have advanced into round two or not.
More instructions to this will be in the mail.
Once you complete round two, we send your application to our sponsors, who will make the final cut.

Expect the selection for round two in the second week of January.

When does the trip take place?

The trip to Singapore will be from 08/04/2019 – 17/04/2019.

Take-off in Belgium on 8/04 at 19:20 and landing in Singapore 9/04 16:30.
The same for the return flight: take-off on 16/04 at 23:35 and landing 17/04 at 9:20.

What does the planning in Singapore look like?

We aim to get a complete view of Singapore’s start-up scene, so that you can take as much as possible home with you.
The program will consist of visits to:
✔ Some the best universities in the world.
✔ (Belgian) co-founders and startups.
✔ Co-working spaces.
✔ Investors.
✔ Massive worldwide companies.
✔ An interactive visit to Google.
✔ A day to relax and see the city.
✔ And much more!

What will this cost me?

The cost to join us on this trip is €600.

This includes:
✔ Hotel
✔ Breakfast
✔ Flight
✔ All transport in Singapore
✔ All visits

Why only €600?

Thanks to our sponsors, you only need to pay for 40% of the regular price.

To make this clear: whatever you consume outside of breakfast is not in the price.

Is this trip for me?

This trip is an opportunity to get to know the stories behind the success of one of the biggest technology ecosystems in the world. We believe this is of priceless value for everyone interested in the technology of tomorrow, entrepreneurship or an international career.

How many people can come?

To keep the price as low as it is now and the visits comfortable for you as well as the companies, we will limit the trip to 30 students.