Name:Junior Business & IT Consultant
Company Description:We are delaware: an IT & Business consultancy company. We like to bring out the best in technology (and in people!) to help our customers improve their business processes. We truly believe that innovation and technology go hand in hand, so we’re always on the lookout for new, exciting tools. Either way, as consultants, we take pride in the solutions we build and the services we offer.
Job Description:You’ll be working as a functional consultant, straddling the business and IT sides of our projects. What does that mean exactly? A project typically goes a bit like this: first, you visit the customer and organize workshops to analyze their way of working. Based on that information, you create blueprints, drawing up processes and suggesting optimizations. Then the IT part comes into play. You’ll be inputting the processes to a software package and translating business requirements into technical specifications for our developers (who will do the coding). After testing whether everything works properly, you’ll train the customer in how to use the new system.

Which specialization will you choose?
– Supply Chain & Logistics
– Finance & Business Controlling
– Data & AI
– Customer Experience & CRM
– HR
– Information Management
– SAP Customer Service

Target Profiles: You have a background in business, economics, or another functional domain, but technology interests you as well. You’ll focus on analyzing, optimizing, and automating business processes by implementing a new IT solution.
Required Skills:So, if you . . .

– Are a student who’s in their final year or a young professional with one or two years of experience
– Have an interest in exploring the way IT can add value to supply chain processes by experimenting with software packages, such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics
– Have an instinct for consultancy: you have the communication skills to get to the core of what clients want and need, and guide them through the improvement process
– Speak English fluently, preferably in combination with Dutch or French
– Have a driver’s license, to get wherever you need to be
– Are eager to learn and motivated to take on new challenges

. . . then you’re the Junior Business and IT Consultant we need!

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Contact:[email protected]