Name:Junior software engineer
Company:AE – Adapt and Enable
Company Description:We are a business & ICT consultancy organization that helps its clients realize their strategic goals in the digital world. We do this by thinking along with our customers, understanding their challenges, helping them innovate in the services they want to bring to the market and helping to build the technology that is required for this. From the consultancy aspect, we also help to improve the internal processes of our customers. In addition, we are also building our own products and projects within our AE Studio. We help clients to define the right strategy, build digital solutions and provide long-term qualitative support and services.
Job Description:Junior Software Engineer
* After a training period you start on a project, where you can go into different directions, such as back-end
engineering, front-end engineering, data science/engineering, integration or cyber security, …
* You strengthen the customer in the development process of software applications and work in co-creation
custom solutions.
* You have an eye for good technical design and future proof solutions.
Link to AE – Adapt and Enable:
Contact:[email protected]