Let’s get the robot out of the accountant

The “digital transformation”, look it up on google and you will get 472M hits!

Well, no sh*t Sherlock. Today, AI and machine learning are touching every aspect of our society. E-ve-ry aspect. World is changing and so are we, so keep up. Digitalisation and AI can be a great threat to many companies and jobs, but use it wisely and you have gold.

That’s what we did at Yuki & Bofidi. Yuki built a software that changed the accounting-scene forever. Bofidi is one of the offices that uses this high tech software. Forget about the boring accountants and finance professionals, time to get robots out of the human and use software for the better. Can this sector achieve the promise of a digital era? Is it possible, a paper-based job turning into a completely cloud based environment? Here’s a small hint: Yes it is...

During this interactive lecture we will show you how digitalisation affects the finance sector. Will robots take over? Will jobs change? Should we educate differently? We will show you how we: Yuki as a tech start-up and Bofidi as a modern financial services office, made accountancy sexy again.

We will also test you, are you ready for a new way of working? Are you ready for industry 4.0?

Why attend?

  1. Learn how AI and digital tech in general is affecting the financial world
  2. Discuss the practicalities and challenges behind it
  3. Learn how a sector such as finances can take advantage of digital technologies
  4. Be faced with challenges you have to solve and a final and rewarding quiz at the end. 😉

For who?

Anyone interested in understanding use cases of AI and particularly their innovative uses in financing

What do you need?

Interest, motivation and a laptop can come in handy.

Thanks to our partners:

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