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“Academics for Technology (AFT Leuven) is a Leuven-based student organization. Our aim is to introduce students to technology and entrepreneurship and inspire in them a sense of entrepreneurship, a quintessential skill in today’s economy. We provide technical students the opportunity to further develop their technical knowledge and reach out to non-technical students to introduce them to the wonderfull world of technology.”


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40 Students Chasing Unicorns

What’s it like to work and live in Europe’s most prolific startup hub? This Easter, 40 entrepreneurial Belgian students found out on AFT’s yearly Student Startup Trip!

—  AFT Startup Trip Crew


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Waar start jouw carrière als tech ondernemer?

Je bent een student die op het punt staat om af te studeren. Of straffer nog, je denkt eraan je eigen bedrijf op te richten en zo je business droom na te jagen.

Ga je dan meteen van start met je nieuwe bedrijf of zijn er andere strategische startplaatsen die je op termijn een stevig voordeel kunnen geven?

— Bram Luyten, co-founder van @mire

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Harry Potter v.0.1

Just recently, I discovered I can do MAGIC! Yet I’m not expecting a Hogwarts’ letter anytime soon. Although it may sound as if my magic dropped out of the sky (as would a Hogwarts’ letter), unfortunately it didn’t. I received years of training before I realised what I’m capable of. With my kind of magic, there’s also no hocus-pocus going on, not even a tiny “Wingardium Leviosa”. I was rather disappointed when I figured that out. Now the muggles will never understand what I can do. All those years of training, to what end? I just wish I had a wand to show for my talents.

— Lien Michiels

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