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Who are we?

“Academics for Technology (AFT Leuven) is a Leuven-based student organization. Our aim is to introduce students to technology and entrepreneurship and inspire in them a sense of entrepreneurship, a quintessential skill in today’s economy. We provide technical students the opportunity to further develop their technical knowledge and reach out to non-technical students to introduce them to the wonderfull world of technology.”


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Jonathan De Venter

Jonathan De Venter President

Charles Van den Bossche

Charles Van den Bossche Vice-President

Willem Hoefnagels

Willem Hoefnagels SST Manager

Gilles Bodart

Gilles Bodart Business Relations

Zander Fias

Zander Fias Business Relations

Lorens Huculak

Lorens Huculak Business Relations

Yannick Bongaerts

Yannick Bongaerts Innovation Night

Céline Verjans

Céline Verjans Clean Tech Challenge

Hanna Callens

Hanna Callens Legal

Tobias Cornille

Tobias Cornille Hackathon

Simon Finotto

Simon Finotto Hackathon

Laurens Nijs

Laurens Nijs Workshops

Josephine Vermout

Josephine Vermout Women In Tech

Astrid Buttiens

Astrid Buttiens Women In Tech

General Partners

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