Our Mission

Academics for Technology is a non-profit organisation introducing students to entrepreneurship and technology. Through our events and workshops, students have the opportunity to continuously develop and challenge themselves and others.

Our Vision

We see the future as being technology-centered and believe that everyone will be involved with technology in some way throughout his or her professional life. Therefore we thrive to:


Technology goes hand in hand with innovation. We provide students the opportunity to discover this relationship for themselves. Introducing them to different innovative technologies and bringing them in contact with the most innovative people in Belgium and beyond!


We challenge students to be an entrepreneur themselves in a wide definition of the word. Creating own ideas and working them out with professional help along the way. We challenge them to be more than just a student: to impress and be impressed!


It’s all about excitement. We try to get people excited about technology and entrepreneurship. Getting students motivated to learn something more, to do something more, that’s what we aim to do and what excites us!

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