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Are you interested in a future in tech? Do you want to discover what this future might look like? Are you searching for female role models? Then join us at the Women in Tech Gala 2023! This year’s edition of Women in Tech will be something you’ve never seen before… The concept remains the same: four motivational speakers ready to inspire you, a chance to network and a night you’ll never forget!


 26th October


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Marian Verhelst

Marian Verhelst - Imec

Marian Verhelst is passionate about solving problems. She pursued her studies in engineering and earned a doctorate at KU Leuven. From 2008 to 2011, she went to the United States to work in Intel’s research labs in Oregon. Currently, she leads research on computer chips for AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a professor at KU Leuven and research director at Imec.

Marian eagerly shares her enthusiasm for science with others. Through InnovationLab, she organizes engineering projects in high schools, and along with the rest of the Nerdland crew, she ensures that one of Flanders’ most popular podcasts is a science podcast! Chip chip hooray! 

Jenny Ambukiyenyi Onya - Neotex.ai

Jenny Ambukiyenyi Onya, a visionary tech leader with over a decade of experience in IT, is currently Managing Partner at Fit-For-Purpose Technologies SRL in Belgium and Neotex SARL in DR Congo. She excels in creating innovative AI solutions that bridge business strategy, design, and customer needs. Jenny’s passion for technology and commitment to societal progress make her an inspiring figure for aspiring women leaders worldwide, demonstrating the power of belief, hard work, and perseverance.

Jenny Ambukiyenyi Onya
Sana Afouaiz

Sana Afouaiz - Womenpreneur-Initiative

Sana, an award-winning gender expert and public speaker on tech and diversity, is the author of “Invisible Women of the Middle East.” She founded Womenpreneur Initiative in 2016, which has trained 19,000 women in Belgium and the MENA region. Sana has advised the United Nations, European Commission, and corporate institutions for the past 7 years, playing a vital role in gender discussions, resolutions, and recommendations on a global scale. She has impacted thousands of women, promoting visibility, social impact, and resources in the ecosystem and beyond.

Dana Nastase - Twipe

Dana, a versatile mediatech professional, has enriched her background with experiences in global corporations such as Nike Inc. and Johnson & Johnson. These roles, including digital transformation and product introductions, have shaped her problem-solving, teamwork, and innovation skills. Currently, Dana is part of the dynamic Twipe team, leading internationalization efforts and contributing to the leadership team in the fast-paced mediatech industry. She’s passionate about the role of technology, leadership, and digital media in shaping the future of news.

Dana Nastase

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