Student Startup Trip

The student startup trip brings together a group of high potential students in a world-class startup hub somewhere on the globe. Here they will be inspired to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, soak up the vibe of the city, learn from the whole experience and bring it home with them.

They are dared to take the plunge and discover the whole ecosystem: startups, innovative companies, incubators, accelerators, investors, entrepreneurs, etc. We want to give them the opportunity to learn from both successes and mistakes and spot trends across different industries and continents. 

I Want to Apply!

Sadly the applications are closed at this moment in time. Feel free to leave your email so we can remind you when the applications open for the next edition of the Student Startup Trip.

History of the Student Startup Trip

Here you can find testimonials and video clips of our different student startup trip editions

London 2014
San Fransisco 2018
Berlin 2015
Singapore 2019
Stockholm 2016
New York City 2020
New York City 2017
Belgium 2021


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