MedTech Convention

This year MedTech Convention is back to shed some light on the new technological developments in the healthcare industry.

For this 2023 edition, start-ups across Europe will come share their ideas and innovations in these sectors. Our goal remains the same: Inspire students with different backgrounds by showing them the opportunities created when the engineering and the healthcare sector collaborate.

   University Halls

   23 november 2023


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Our lineup of MedTech Convention Speakers will be revealed very soon! Stay tuned for the big announcement and get ready for an inspiring event.

Ingeborg Stalmans

Ingeborg Stalmans - Mona

Professor Doctor Ingeborg Stalmans is head of the Research Group of Ophthalmology at the KU Leuven as well as the Glaucoma Clinic at the ophthalmology department of UZ Leuven. The current focus of her research work is the use of retinal imaging and artificial intelligence to develop non-invasive biomarkers for eye and systemic diseases. This work resulted in the creation of a KUL spin-off company named MONA, developing an AI for early screening of diabetes. 

Bogdan Mijovic

Bogdan Mijovic

Listening to brainwaves
Are we one day going to listen to our brains the way we listen to our hearts today? While neuroscience has made strides, neurotech, and innovative methods are still largely confined to well-funded labs. mBrainTrain is pioneering Mobile EEG technology as a promising avenue for brain monitoring in real life. Once developed, it could revolutionize stress management, enhance productivity, enable ultimate personalization, and enable early detection and diagnosis of chronic brain conditions. Where we started from, what is the current status of this endeavor, and what are the challenges ahead in achieving this goal, will be discussed at this lecture.

Andrés Vásquez Quintero

Prof. Dr. Andrés Vásquez Quintero is a highly experienced expert in stretchable electronics and wearable medical devices. He is the founder and CTO of Azalea Vision, a venture-capital-backed startup developing a smart contact lens with an active light management system. The lens is designed to benefit people with high order aberrations, presbyopia and light sensitivity. In this talk, Andrés will discuss the beginning and incubation phase of Azalea Vision, as well as the major technological milestones of the project. He will also share the company’s current status and future plans.

Andrés Vásquez Quintero
Thomas De Moor

Thomas De Moor

Sentigrate is a sensor data integrator offering services regarding data processing, data modelling, and data accessibility. During their presentation, Sentigrate will demonstrate their added value in the digital health sector by focusing on several real-life use cases. Come listen if you want to know how data science is contributing to healthcare today!

Wouter Van Putte

Wouter Van Putte is CEO and co-Founder of PUXANO, a platform-based biotechnology company with a profound commitment to advancing protein engineering within the domain of protein therapeutics, vaccine development and crop protection biotechnology. Their innovative platform seamlessly integrates expertise across biotechnology, nanotechnology and computational biology, propelling the acceleration of structure-based protein research. Join us as Wouter shares insights into the transformative journey of PUXANO and explores the future possibilities at the intersection of technology and proteins.

Wouter Van Putte
Manon Rodriguez Mate

Manon Rodriguez Mate

Nutrinomics is the therapeutic nutritional companion for individuals with chronic conditions. Unlike traditional weight loss programs, our mission is to improve patient’s quality of life & health outcomes by combining personalized nutrition, science, and data.
Our unique science & data-powered precision nutrition algorithm makes nutritional recommendations based on the latest scientific guidelines but also harnesses AI to suggest recipes better adapted to patients’ dietary preferences for optimal adherence. We address both individuals experiencing chronic discomforts and pains, as well as those at elevated cardiovascular risk, including hypertension, cholesterol, and pre-diabetes.

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Laurens Goyvaerts

Laurens Goyvaerts - Revision

Laurens Goyvaerts works on the fabrication and characterization of the Revision Ocular implant, focusing on improving the lifetime and biocompatibility of the neural implant. With their implant, the Revision team aims to restore a functional vision in blind patients. 

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