Women in Tech 2019

In this edition of Women in Tech we got to step out of our comfortzone. The speakers really inspired, encouraged and empowered all of us. We celebrated the increasing gender diversity in technology. The evening was accompanied by a drink and a sweet bite, in the lovely setting of the University halls in Leuven.

This event was a succes thanks to the amazing speakers and the sponsors. Check out the pictures below!


     Universiteitshallen Leuven





Ingrid Ilsbroux

Prof. dr. Ingrid Ilsbroux graduated as master Biochemistry at the KU Leuven and started her career at the University of Hasselt. After obtaining a PhD she continued her career as professor in Biochemical Engineering at campus Groep T that evolved into the largest campus of the Faculty of Engineering Technology at the KU Leuven. She strongly participated in the early developments of the current interuniversity Postgraduate Programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Passionate about her work she always combined a full time job with the joy and challenge of being a mother.

An Tanghe

An’s first diploma is an engineering degree, but her educational and career path covers all stages and corners of the innovation value chain. She worked in academic, private and public environments, both in research and business driven positions. Throughout, the intersection of health, technology and innovation became her favourite habitat. She is a knowledge broker and people connector by nature. Her testimonial will be a plea for daring to create passion-driven inter-disciplinary crossovers and for a lifelong following of your evolving interests and talents.

Nele Van Beveren

After graduating as Master of Science in Engineering, Computer Science at KULeuven, Nele decided to first gain business knowledge. Nele started as an analyst at Middle Office (for the dealing room), working very close together with IT. A way of collaboration she became passionate about, ‘working in short cycles, resulting in value early in the project, efficiently, in a fun way’. The business knowledge and technical background helped Nele a lot in taking up different IT functions later on. Nele wants to help youngsters be prepared to create the future world. A world full of technology and with a clear presence of women in technology. As one of the ladies who made it into the top5 of the DataNews SheGoesICT-contest in 2017, she wants to spread her enthusiasm. Together with other SheGoesICT-finalists and with Dwengo vzw, she founded WeGoSTEM, a yearly initiative that enables 7500 children to immerse themselves in STEM by building an art robot in the classroom, during EU CodeWeek.

Katrien Herdewyn

After studying engineering and footwear design, Katrien Herdewyn decided to start her own company, Elegnano, combining her two passions: High Tech & High Heels. Five years later she is still making the world (from Belgium to Silicon Valley) more beautiful with science and shoes.

Dorien Van Steenberge

After graduating commercial engineering at Ghent University, Dorien ended up working at Accenture. Both personally as professionally, she doesn’t do things by halves. She gives 100% as a Technology team lead, wellbeing ambassador and role model for women in IT. As one of the Top 5 Young ICT Ladies of the Year 2019, Dorien uses her passion for people and technology to inspire rather than impress.


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