CleanTech Challenge Organiser


The CleanTech Challenge, CTC for short, is an international business plan competition. As organiser, you are responsible for fundraising, maintaining contact with our partners, and inspiring students during our kick-off event and the Belgian Finals. You will be working with fellow team members of co-organiser Academics for Development. Together you will provide guidance to the participants to create their own cleantech startup, by setting up workshops with partners and professionals where they can work on their ideas. Afterwards, you’ll get the chance to join the winning team for the international finals in London! It’s the perfect opportunity to further develop your own soft skills, broaden your network, stimulate your fellow students and work on your entrepreneurial mindset.


  • Entrepreneurial
  • Teamplayer
  • Networking
  • Organisational Talent


  • Organise the Kick-Off event and the Belgian Finals
  • Organise a workshop track
  • Grow network of CleanTech partners

If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with our current CTC Organisers.

 Contact details can be found on our Team Page or contact us at [email protected]!