Workshops, Masterclasses and Excursions Organiser


Everyone will be involved with technology in some way throughout their professional life. Today’s technologies help companies to work more efficiently, provide insights or push their operations towards a next level. Through workshops you will bring these essential skills to students and broader their knowledge. Furthermore, you will be able to bring attention to new digital innovations while participants get a hands-on experience. As organiser you will be responsible for selecting the topics, look for right partners and work out how the topic will be handled. After the workshop you will be able to create networking opportunities for participants and partners with some drinks and bites.


  • Communicative attitude 
  • Organisational  
  • Planning and inventory management 


  • Organizing workshops, masterclasses and/or Excursions
  • Compiling interesting topics
  • Find the right partners to hold sessions about that
    to give topics


If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with our current Workshops Organisers.

Contact details can be found on our Team Page or contact us at [email protected]!