Name: Starter Engineer (Operations & Balancing)
Company: Elia

Company Description:

Excited to work for a key Belgian player in the energy landscape?


The Belgian and European energy landscape is in full swing. Did you know that Elia Belgium plays a crucial role in this? As part of Elia Group, a European transmission system operator, Elia Belgium ensures the reliability and sustainability of the electricity supply in our country.


Side-by-side with your talented colleagues, you will play a part in building a sustainable, green and reliable energy infrastructure that stimulates economic growth and reduces our ecological footprint.


Only together can we make the biggest impact possible! We believe in the power of diversity: we are convinced that an inclusive and diverse work environment leads to more innovation, creativity and better results.

Job Description:

As a Young Graduate Engineer (Operations & Balancing), you contribute to Elia within various roles: you manage and control the grid, but also ensure that our systems keep running smoothly. Get ready to become the creative brain that will help shape the electricity market of the future.


System Engineer, Market Engineer and Close-To-Realtime Engineer


As Close-to-real-time engineer in the National Control Centre (NCC), you ensure safety on the grid. You do this in cooperation with the Power System Engineers and the Market System Engineers. You will perform calculations and prepare forecasts for System Engineers so that the supply-demand balance of the power grid remains stable and determine the daily capacities of the grid. You will take preventive measures for energy supply in Belgium and communicate with your colleagues, suppliers and the other neighbouring countries (TSOs). Together with your colleagues, you are the grid operator and avoid blackouts at all times.


As System Engineer in the National Control Centre (NCC), you will be responsible for the continuous monitoring and adjustment of the Belgian high-voltage grid. You will perform real-time safety analyses, coordinate grid elements for maintenance projects, and help balance electricity supply and demand. You will anticipate overloads and seek solutions together with colleagues and international partners. In case of severe outages, you will help prevent blackouts and play a crucial role in rebuilding the grid. You will also cooperate on projects to improve efficiency and energy transition.


As Market Engineer in the National Control Centre (NCC), you will guarantee grid safety by balancing production and consumption, evaluating preventive and curative measures and assessing the financial impact. You will manage power generation in Belgium, requests from market players and international intraday and balancing markets. You will manage short-term exchange capacities at borders, monitor market coupling and the production plan, and activate strategic reserve if necessary. You will cooperate with real-time engineers and monitor voltage regulation. You will be involved in emergency situations in which the grid is under pressure.


Network and Data Operations Engineer


As a NetOp Engineer, you will have the unique opportunity to help build our network and prepare it for the future from our control rooms. You will work on challenges in the daily expansion of the high-voltage grid, the planning of outages for maintenance and grid expansions, the EMS/SCADA system, our calculation tools, asset data systems and the implementation of change projects. You will join one of the following teams: regional control rooms, planning teams, data management teams, Operational and Safety Excellence management and project management for change projects. The aim is to develop both technical and management skills so that you can later work independently as a manager within Network and Data Operations.


KAM Engineer


As a  KAM Engineer, you will support two experienced KAMs in their daily work and projects. Your responsibilities will include digitising existing processes, supporting grid development projects and technical analysis, managing customer queries and complaints, and managing customer data. You will act as a liaison between the business and IT teams, ensure correct customer records and strive for fast and appropriate customer service.

Target Profile: 

Are you the Young Graduate we’re looking for? 


  • Academic Excellence: You hold or are about to complete a master’s degree in industrial- or civil engineering.
  • Open-Minded Creativity: You bring an open and creative mindset. We value out-of-the-box ideas!
  • Drive and Proactiveness: You are eager to learn, hands-on, and proactive. You thrive on challenges and seek innovative solutions.
  • Collaborative Spirit: You are a teamplayer, but you can also shine autonomously. You share your knowledge and enjoy collaborating.
  • Adaptability: You face challenges with flexibility, and you find new ways to tackle disruptions while keeping the project basics in mind (cost, quality, time).
  • Communication Skills: Strong communication and soft skills are your assets. Technical skills are a plus!
  • Network Builder: Are you a born communicator? You can build valuable networks and relationships within Elia effortlessly.
  • Multilingual Proficiency: You have knowledge of Dutch, French, and English.