AFT x GHC: Portfolio Optimization

Increasing numbers of investors seek low-cost access to investment services – to convert savings into investments or to manage their wealth. They look for automated digital tools that offer a guided but personalized and purposeful investing experience. The question is, how can such a mass of investors be served at scale?


In a world where investors increasingly seek efficient and personalized financial solutions, the demand for automated digital tools is skyrocketing. In this workshop, organized by AFT in collaboration with Green Hill Capital, Investsuite presents the key with their cutting-edge Robo-advisor technology. Discover how investment portfolio automatization can revolutionize your approach to wealth management and empower you to navigate the complex financial landscape.


Who should attend?

Basic knowledge of programming in Python is recommended, but curiosity and enthusiasm are the only prerequisites.


What do you need?

Please don’t forget to bring your own laptop!

Registrations are closed! We are full!

   March 11th


Thanks to our partner