AI in Health

Healthtech is the overlap of health and technology, aiming to bring together the best of each and consequentially challenging the frontiers of both. The addition of Artificial Intelligence to health is very useful in finding answers in a field where there are still so many unknowns. From being used to discover links between genetic codes, to power surgical robots or even to maximize hospital efficiency, AI has been a boon to the healthcare industry and the imagination of visionaries. In this seminary, both topics and their overlap will be presented and discussed, and you will be exposed to the challenges the sector is facing today. There will also be a Q&A at the end of the session. Wherefore you can already send in your questions here. Stick around until the end of the seminar, and have a chance of winning one of two Fnac gift cards.





Why Attend?

  • Be introduced to the field of Healthtech
  • Understand more about AI and its use applications
  • Talk to and ask questions to experts in the field
  • Create new and meaningful new connections for your network

For who?

Anyone who is interested in Health and AI. No previous knowledge is needed.