AFT x VTK: How To Startup

Are you interested in the workings of a startup and all the matters that come with it? Or are you considering starting your own startup or working in one?


During this unique AFT x VTK collaboration, Jose Nunez Ares, the Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of EFFEX, and Boris Bogaerts from Pitchdrive, an early-stage venture capitalist, will engage in a conversation about all aspects related to startups and whether or not to invest in them.


Participants will gain crucial insights into the requirements and hurdles of launching a startup: What are common mistakes? How do you gain financing? What is an investor looking for? And much more!


Attracted to this topic? Join us on Wednesday, February 21st, at Groep T and register via the link below!


Following the discussion, there will be a reception with drinks and food!

Registrations are closed! We are full!

   February 21st

Thanks to our partners