IT in Hospitals

There is a high chance that you already entered the hospital a few times in your life. You enter, check in and give your data, maybe even sensitive, private data. Big question pops up: What happens next with this data? In this lecture Goedele Antonissen (IT Director OLV Aalst) and Linda Van der Elst (IBM) will explain you the ins and outs about computer systems in a hospital. There will also be a Q&A at the end of the session. Already got some questions on your mind? Don’t hesitate to send them to us via this link. Stick around until the end of the workshop, and have a chance of winning one of two Fnac gift cards.





Why Attend?

  • Get an understanding of how computer syst ems in a hospital operate.
  • Sharpen your IT and network knowledge
  • Talk to the IT Director of O.L.V Aalst and feel free to ask some questions.

For who?

Anyone who is interested in IT or medical technologies. No previous knowledge is needed.