Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is more and more, and certainly faster and faster, showing itself in IT and business. These machines have shown their enormous potential in all industries, which need to rely on data capturing, information processing and complex decision-making scenarios. Simply due to its methods of performing computing routines in an entirely different manor than the computing systems we know, its sheer potential to make innovative business models possible is tremendous, and not just for large enterprises!

This 2-hour workshop will explain the basic building blocks we need from math and the physical sciences in order to grasp what’s different between quantum and classical computing, and will then help you take the first steps in the domain.



Why Attend?

  • Learn about the exciting technology that is Quantum Computing.
  • Get familiar with the terminology used in the field.
  • Experience the different applications of Quantum Computing and understand why it’s being used,.
  • Make your first Quantum Circuit under the supervision of IBM’s experts.

For who?

Everybody with an interest in Quantum Computing and the many applications

What do you need?

Please bring a laptop with Qiskit installed on it.

To do this, use the this tutorial.

It may also be useful to make an account on IBM Quantum Experience.

If you would find any difficulty installing Qiskit you can contact [email protected]

Thanks to our partner