Visual Recognition

AI is one of the most promising technologies of the decade and visual recognition is a very important part of this. As a kid you were never taught how to see, but how do computers learn how to do it? When computers can see, they bring countless possibilities with them like self-driving cars, quality control and automation. But is it all safe and flawless? During this workshop from IBM you will learn everything about visual recognition, from how it works to what are the ethics and challenges for society.





Why Attend?

  • Learn more about the concept of AI and visual recognition as a world changing technology.
  • Discuss the ethics and challenges of visual recognition.
  • Learn where you can use visual recognition in your next project.
  • Be faced with challenges you have to solve and a final and rewarding quiz at the end. 😉

For who?

Everyone with interests in AI in general is welcome after registering. For people with special interest in Visual Recognition, you are in luck.


What do you need?

You only need your laptop and enthusiasm.


Thanks to our team

Thanks to our partner