New York City
April 2020

The 2020 edition of the Student Startup Trip is bound to New York City!

Each year, AFT Leuven organizes the Student Startup Trip to a foreign startup ecosystem. We bring together a group of ambitious students with an entrepreneurial mindset. We want to inspire these students, broaden their horizon and give them a unique experience.

On this trip, we aim to visit startups, investors, incubators, larger companies, multinationals, universities, and much more! This way, we can provide the students with a complete view of what the location has to offer. 

History of the Student Startup Trip

2019ℹ Singapore2016Stockholm
2018ℹ San Francisco2015Berlin
2017ℹ New York City2014London

Video Testimonial – Singapore!


Below you can apply for the Student Startup Trip 2020. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

  • Talk with entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, and founders
  • Gain valuable insights into the NYC startup scene
  • Meet like-minded, entrepreneurial students and expand your network
  • Receive talks on many interesting topics like fundraising, scaling an international company, and business in the US.

Do you have questions? Our FAQ can be found here.