MedTech Convention 2022

  University Halls, Leuven


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Oops, something happened and I can’t attend the MedTech Convention anymore! I want to deregister, so that someone else can take my spot.



Ingeborg Stalmans

Ingeborg Stalmans - Mona

Professor Doctor Ingeborg Stalmans is head of the Research Group of Ophthalmology at the KU Leuven as well as the Glaucoma Clinic at the ophthalmology department of UZ Leuven. The current focus of her research work is the use of retinal imaging and artificial intelligence to develop non-invasive biomarkers for eye and systemic diseases. This work resulted in the creation of a KUL spin-off company named MONA, developing an AI for early screening of diabetes. 

Steve Stoffels - Pulsify

Steve Stoffels has around 15 years of experience in semi-conductors and micro-fabrication techniques for micro-mechanical and electrical components. His expertise in all aspects of micro-technologies led him to co-found Pulsify, for which he is the current acting CTO. Pulsify aims to develop a wearable echocardiogram patch for continuous monitoring of cardiac functionalily.  

Steve Stoffels
Rob Cardinaels

Rob Cardinaels - Hippo Dx

Rob Cardinaels is an industrial design engineer with a passion for robotics. He was the first employee of Hippo Dx, a Belgian start-up working on an automatic skin prick test to revolutionise the diagnosis of allergies through automation of the pricess. 

Harry van Lenthe - FIBEr

Professor Harry van Lenthe is a professor of Biomechanics in the department of Mechanical Engineering. His research focuses on the quality of bone and its interaction with implants. He is also the principal investigator of bone tissue at FIBEr, a KU Leuven core facility recognized for the importance of its research in the biomechanic properties of tissues and medical devices. 

Harry van Lenthe
Laurens Goyvaerts

Laurens Goyvaerts - Revision

Laurens Goyvaerts works on the fabrication and characterization of the Revision Ocular implant, focusing on improving the lifetime and biocompatibility of the neural implant. With their implant, the Revision team aims to restore a functional vision in blind patients. 

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