Medtech Organiser


 MedTech Convention is the first semester’s high point of every student with an interest for medicine and who is fascinated about technology. While organising the MedTech Convention you get the opportunity to assemble a panel of speakers in a bunch of different branches of the medical sector. An important part of your job is to create a theme, pick the topics and shape it to your hand in. Of course, decorating the venue, picking the catering and good budgeting complete your responsibilities.


  • Interest in MedTech
  • Organisational and communicative skills
  • Originality and creativity


  • Composing an interesting panel
  • Decorating the event space
  • Working together with partners and startups


If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with our current MedTech Organiser.

Contact details can be found on our Team Page or contact us at [email protected]!