Women in Tech


Women in Tech Gala is all about inspiring, encouraging and empowering. As organiser, you will be responsible for working out all the details that make this event shine and stand out. For this you will search for the perfect partners and the keynote speakers with the most interesting story. Next to these business and networking skills, your creativity and originality can run wild in the search for the venue and catering that fits this gala just perfectly. Let’s make it an unforgettable evening for attendees and partners, as well as for AFT and yourself.


  • Organizational skills
  • Communicative attitude
  • Eye for details 


  • Contact interesting speakers
  • Selecting and furnishing the event space
  • Communication about the event


If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with our current Women in Tech Organisers.

Contact details can be found on our Team Page or contact us at [email protected]!