Name: Starter Corporate Traineeship
Company: Elia

Company Description:

Excited to work for a key Belgian player in the energy landscape?


The Belgian and European energy landscape is in full swing. Did you know that Elia Belgium plays a crucial role in this? As part of Elia Group, a European transmission system operator, Elia Belgium ensures the reliability and sustainability of the electricity supply in our country.


Side-by-side with your talented colleagues, you will play a part in building a sustainable, green and reliable energy infrastructure that stimulates economic growth and reduces our ecological footprint.


Only together can we make the biggest impact possible! We believe in the power of diversity: we are convinced that an inclusive and diverse work environment leads to more innovation, creativity and better results.

Job Description:

Ignite Your Career in Energy Innovation!

A traineeship at Elia is not just a job, we’re inviting you to be part of a transformative experience! As a Young Graduate in our exclusive Traineeship Program, you’ll be a key player in a dynamic community of “Internal Consultants” for an exciting two-year journey.

What can you expect?


  • Diverse Projects: Dive into a variety of impactful projects, each lasting approximately 6 months. You have the flexibility to shape your journey by choosing projects aligned with your interests.


  • 360-Degree Exposure: Explore all facets of energy transmission, from driving innovation to navigating the energy market, managing physical and digital infrastructures, and contributing to strategies for a sustainable energy transition.


  • Purposeful Impact: Your work matters! By actively participating in strategic projects, you’ll be making a tangible impact on society.


  • Build your network: A natural consequence of rotating projects and departments is that you will have the incredible opportunity to build a solid internal network to exchange knowledge and innovative ideas with.


  • Skills Development: Develop your soft and technical skills by working on a variety of challenging projects, as well as by participating in our extensive training program.


  • Career Flexibility: After completing the program, navigate your career path! Determine your field of interest and carve your unique career path within Elia.
Target Profiles: 

Are you the Young Graduate we seek?


  • Academic Excellence: You hold or are about to complete a master’s degree.


  • Open-Minded Creativity: You bring an open and creative mindset. We value out-of-the-box ideas!


  • Drive and Proactiveness: You are eager to learn, hands-on, and proactive. You thrive on challenges and seek innovative solutions.


  • Collaborative Spirit: You are a teamplayer, but you can also shine autonomously. You share your knowledge and enjoy collaborating.


  • Adaptability: You face challenges with flexibility, and you find new ways to tackle disruptions while keeping the project basics in mind (cost, quality, time).


  • Communication Skills: Strong communication and soft skills are your assets. Technical skills are a plus!


  • Network Builder: Are you a born communicator? You can build valuable networks and relationships within Elia effortlessly.


  • Multilingual Proficiency: You have knowledge of Dutch, French, and English.