AI in the Real World using Big Data and IoT

In this workshop, you will be given business cases where artificial intelligence (AI) is applied to support humans in interpreting large quantities of data. You will go beyond the theory of machine learning and see how it is applied in the real world! Cases we will discuss in particular include deciphering a doctor’s handwritings and interpreting traffic flows. These are projects the company are actually executing for its customers. You will also touch upon the subject of IoT data streams and how to process this data.





Why Attend?

From the business perspective you will learn what is needed to successfully exploit AI. From the technical perspective you will learn that applying AI is a lot more than training a neural network.

For who?

Anybody with a healthy interest in AI and how to apply it in practice. Both AI specialists and business people will benefit from this lecture. We will touch some detailed technical points, but you can follow without technical background as well.